Quality Reading for a Healthful Lifestyle: Week of March 12, 2012

Cattle Eating Grass on Ranch

Hope everyone enjoyed the holiday and the games yesterday. Below are the most interesting / informative articles we read last week.

Can grass-based ranching be scaled up sustainably?

We certainly hope so. A Canadian billionaire is attempting to create a massive ranch in Florida where the cattle will be fed only grass (their natural diet, as opposed to the mix of corn, soy, animal by-products, and hormones most cattle get at large, conventional ranches) and be slaughtered there on site (as opposed to be being trucked off to slaughterhouses hundreds of miles away from the ranch). Even if it is partially (or mostly) commercially-motivated, proving that grass-fed ranches can be profitable at scale would be a great development for the food industry.

Read more over at Grist…

How Do You Not Weigh 500 Pounds?

Some great tips from a food writer on how to eat what you want without gaining a bunch of weight. The secret in a word – balance. Indulge yourself with decadent meals from time to time, but offset these calorie binges with a light day of eating and some extra exercise the next day. But there’s more to it than that, which is what makes this a great read.

Check out the full list over on Amateur Gourmet…

Red Meat Is Killing Us All! Or not…

So the big news this past week was a new study that claims that mortality rates are significantly higher in people who consume high amounts of red meat. While the study was fairly thorough, its conclusions are pretty suspect given the methodology involved. This post was the most thorough teardown of the study that we came across, and we tend to agree with the author – that there were too many confounding variables to really trust the study’s conclusions.

See what we mean over at Summer Tomato…

Nutrition Labels, Now on Meat

Sticking with the meat theme, Fooducate looks at the benefits of the USDA’s new requirement to provide nutrition labels on cuts of meat. This is certainly a great development for consumers for none other than the fact that it provides greater transparency into exactly what you’re putting into your body when you cook up a store-bought piece of meat. Fooducate also provides some very helpful answers to its readers’ most common questions.

Check out the benefits and the answers over at the Fooducate blog…

Why It’s So Important to Keep Moving

Interesting article about a recent study that measured the impact of shifting to a more sedentary lifestyle for a short period of time. It provides further evidence that we all need to keep moving – each of us should try to get 10,000 steps a day.

See what happens when you stop moving over at The New York Times Well blog…

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