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Raspberries - An Excellent Source of Fiber

Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend. Below are the most interesting stories we came across last week.

Are Genetically Modified Foods Dangerous?

Source: Greatist

An excellent, research-backed post from the good folks over at Greatist. This is a great summary of the issues involved in the ongoing GMO debate.

What’s up with mad cow?

Source: Food Politics by Marion Nestle

What you need to know about the latest mad cow scare.

Let’s put an end to ‘dietary tribalism’

Source: Grist

It’s about time somebody made this point. Regardless of which type of diet you’re into (which could be none at all), we shouldn’t lose sight of the big issues – that we consume way more processed food than we should and don’t care enough about where and how our food is grown.

Cheese Miniseries: 12 Cheese Facts, 10 Things To Know About Processed Cheese, and Is this Cheese? Kraft Singles

Source: Fooducate

Great miniseries about cheese and processed cheese in particular. We definitely learned a few (not so awesome) things about processed cheese.

The Heart Attack Grill Is Not The Problem

Source: Weighty Matters

Yoni Freedhoff makes a great point over on his blog related to a recent study that suggests that kids in families that eat together (at home) are healthier.

Does the Ratio of Omega-6 Fats Really Matter?

Source: Nutrition Diva at Quick and Dirty Tips

Great response to a Harvard researcher’s recent dismissal of the importance of maintaining balance between Omega-6s and Omega-3s. We’re with Nutrition Diva on this one – research to back it up does exist.

How Much Damage All-Nighters Do To Your Body

Source: Business Insider / Online Colleges

Good reference if you’re not already aware of the dangers associated with pulling all-nighters.

Surprisingly Calcium-Rich Foods That Aren’t Milk

Source: Huffpost Healthy Living

Really helpful list – lots of veggies and nuts, which are great for you in many other ways.

Why Fiber?

Source: NatureBox Blog

Great overview of why fiber is really important, as well as a list of some of the best sources.

How Much Is Too Much Caffeine?

Source: Greatist

Some very helpful guidelines for any heavy coffee drinkers out there (guilty).

The Healthiest Food in the World (Eggs)

Source: LiveStrong

Great primer on why eggs are great for you (even the yolks!) and how it’s okay to eat them daily.

This Is By Far The Most Disgusting Steak Product Americans Eat

Source: Business Insider 

Gross. Steer clear of this heavily processed food for sure.

Links We Dig

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