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Eating healthiness over 24 hours from Massive Health

Eating healthiness over 24 hours from Massive Health:

Alright…two Fridays in a row! Vs. posting this over the weekend I mean. Might be a first for me. Going to try to keep this up…

Really great bunch of articles this week. Enjoy!

The Truth? Healthy Living Requires Effort.

Source: Weighty Matters

This is a great post that tells it like it is – living a healthy lifestyle isn’t easy, but it is doable. And since your diet is such a huge part of it, we’re here to make it that much more doable.

Infographic: When The Lights Go Out, The World Eats Junk

Source: Co.Design

This infographic depicts how our food choices get worse and worse as the day progresses, speaking to the fact that our willpower is depleted as we make decisions throughout the course of the day. It’s a challenge for any of us to combat this, but surrounding yourself with healthy foods (and keeping the unhealthy ones out of the picture) is a good way to force yourself to be good. Easier said then done, of course.

Go check out the interactive version at Massive Health.

Junk food is more expensive than healthy food, says Dept. of Agriculture study

Source: New York Daily News

This is big news and runs counter to the perception among many consumers that healthy foods are more expensive. That’s simply not true according to this new study, and the findings are very compelling in our view.

Simple is Always Good, Right?

Source: The Blog of Bruce Bradley

Great message for all of us to keep in mind – “simple” foods from the big food companies are rarely as simple as they make them out to be. Very important to do some digging or just use a great app like Fooducate to learn more about the food you’re eating.

ANDI: The weird nutritional acronym explained

Source: Well+Good NYC

Surprisingly (to us anyway), we hadn’t heard of the ANDI rating system before, but it’s pretty awesome. It stands for Aggregate Nutrient Density Index, and vegetables score really well. We were psyched to see that many of the vegetables we serve here at Dig Inn (mustard greens, spinach, brussel sprouts) are in the top 10, and we’ll be adding some other high-scoring ones in min-June.

Big Poultry ramps up its assault on the Chesapeake

Source: Grist

This is what happens when industrial farming invades a region. Scary stuff.

GM crops in crisis: Roundup-resistant “superweeds”

Source: Food Politics

Pesticides leading to superweeds leading to more pesticides. This isn’t good. The perils of industrial farming.

8 Tips to Reduce Food Cravings

Source: MindBodyGreen

Some great tips to help reign in those food cravings. We all get them.

Eco-packaged Food is Not Necessarily Healthy Food

Source: Fooducate

Very important to keep this in mind when you’re at the grocery store.

So You Think You Can Steam Vegetables?

Source: Foodtrainers Blog

Some great tips for preparing steamed vegetables that you’ll actually enjoy eating – they don’t have to be boring!

Study Hall: Your brain on berries

Source: Well+Good NYC

Eat your berries! They’ll keep you smarter longer.

Sugar might make you stupid

Source: Grist

Yet another good reason to limit your sugar intake, especially added sugar coming from soda and other junk foods. And it’s worth noting that omega-3s can offset some of the damage…

The 10 Things Fitness Magazines Won’t Tell You

Source: LiveStrong

This is long, but it’s a GREAT read – I’ve never seen an article that speaks as much fitness truth all in one place. Our hats are off to Adam Bornstein, Editorial Director of

Workouts, Times 2 (or 3)

Source: New York Times

An interesting article about a uniquely-New York trend among women – doubling or tripling up on workouts in a single day.

Deskercise! 33 Ways to Exercise at Work

Source: Greatist

Some of these might be a little intense, but being active while you’re at work is absolutely critical to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Check these out and see which ones might work for you. At the very least, take a break and go for a walk a couple of times a day.

Brooklynites: Don’t Frack Our Beer! [VIDEO]

Source: Climate Desk

This video calls attention to a very serious issue in an amusing, entertaining way – definitely done in good taste and worth a quick watch (2 minutes).

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