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Shoppers Guide to Pesticides in Produce via the Environmental Working Group

Man, it’s hot out there! Looking forward to this heat subsiding pretty soon.

In the meantime, hope you enjoy the articles below.

Your meat on drugs: Will grocery stores cut out antibiotics?

Source: Grist

We sure hope so, and there’s a chance that this new campaign by the Consumers Union, Meat Without Drugs, could actually work. We think their approach is really smart – instead of waiting for the FDA to do something (it’s known that antibiotics used in livestock production are a problem from like three decades), it’s targeting grocery stores directly. If they can get more grocery stores to stop carrying meat from producers who use antibiotics, then eventually producers will be forced to stop using them. We really hope this works and will be rooting for / supporting the campaign as best we can. Even though we only have 5 stores, it doesn’t hurt that all of the meat we serve here at Dig Inn is antibiotic-free…

If nothing else, give this video a quick watch. It’s just a minute and a half long, and it succinctly explains the problem with feeding antibiotics to livestock.

GM Myths and Truths: A critical review of the science

Source: Food Politics

Marion Nestle discusses the key takeaways from a new report on genetically modified (GM) foods, GMO Myths and Truths, which was produced by 3 authors with critical positions on GM foods. It’s a massive report (123 pages) so if you don’t have time to read the full thing, Nestle’s post provides a great summary of the main problems with GM foods.

The Truth About Gluten Allergies

Source: Livestrong

A fairly lengthly but highly informative read, especially if you suspect that you may be sensitive to gluten or wheat in general.

Shopper’s delight: Here’s what to buy organic

Source: Grist

If you missed the announcement, the Environmental Working Group released its annual Shopper’s Guide To Pesticides In Produce, which is a super helpful list of the “Dirty Dozen” (fruits and vegetables you should try to buy organic because they tend to be higher in pesticides) and the “Clean 15″ (types of produce that are okay to buy conventionally grown because they typically come with the lowest levels of pesticides). We really like Grist’s intro if you’re new to the guide…helps to put it in the proper context.

The EWG also put out a smartphone app (available for iPhone, Android, and Windows phones) to make it really convenient to use the guide. Yay technology!

Superfood: Cherries

Source: Greatist

I’ve been wondering about cherries lately and was going to do some research on them myself, but Greatist saved me the trouble. Thanks, guys!

Can Fish Oil Make You Smarter?


It turns out that omega-3 supplements may not make healthy people smarter, but there is evidence that omega-3s help to keep the brain healthy and prevent dementia in older adults. And omega-3s are good for your health in several other ways so it doesn’t hurt to take supplements if you don’t typically eat fatty fish twice a week.

Cleanse Diets. The Hope. The Horror

Source: Fooducate

Great read on how extreme cleanse diets are not all they’re cracked up to be. In fact, they’re likely to do more harm than good.

The Ultimate Guide to Fat Loss

Source: Livestrong

The title is a bit sensational, but this article is actually a very practical and helpful read. This is the right way to lose weight – simple rules, a realistic time commitment, and daily habits that you establish one at a time.

Check Out What McDonald’s Does To Its Burgers Before They Appear In Ads

Source: Business Insider

Wow…they sure put in a lot of time and effort to make their burgers look appetizing. Kind of nice when the food just looks good on its own like it does here at Dig Inn…photo shoots tend to be a lot easier…

What Olympic Athletes Really Eat (But Don’t Try This Diet Yourself)

Source: Blisstree

The average Olympic athlete consumes 6,000 to 10,000 calories per day! Pretty crazy stuff, but it makes sense, given how much those guys and girls are working out.

In “Green Wheat” drive, Wal-Mart may transform farming

Source: Reuters

Nice to see Walmart using its muscle for a good cause. Would be great if this effort to make wheat farms more efficient and lower their carbon footprints were successful.

Health of Americans a Mixed Bag: CDC Report

Source: MedlinePlus

The good news: we’re all smoking less and exercising more, two very positive developments. And the bad news? Obesity and diabetes are at very high levels and still on the rise, largely due to the poor quality of the American diet. Until we all start eating a lot better, it’s going to be tough to see improvements in those two areas.

6 Food Groups That Will Protect You From the Sun

Source: Greatist

Here’s a helpful list just in time for the hot summer sun. Good stuff to be eating anyway.

What Is The Best Way To Determine How Many Calories I Should Eat

Source: Livestrong

Here’s a helpful rule of thumb that we haven’t heard of before. Feels like a manageable way to measure your calories on a daily basis.


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