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Health Bucks Coupon 2011

Couldn’t find a picture of the 2012 Health Bucks…

Hope you all are keeping cool. Here’s our list of things to read for this week.

Two new reports on pesticides in foods, from different perspectives

Source: Food Politics

Quick discussion of two recent reports about pesticides, one of which says they’re not an issue and another that says it’s best to avoid them when you can. We tend to favor the second perspective – you should not avoid fruits and vegetables because you’re afraid of pesticides (since the health benefits outweigh the risks, we think), but you should buy organic or from more responsible local farmers whenever you can. Farmers markets are a great place to find more responsible farmers whom you can ask about their farming practices firsthand.

Mayor Bloomberg, Speaker Quinn Announce Health Bucks Expansion at Union Square Greenmarket

Source: GrowNYC Blog

Speaking of farmers markets, this is a GREAT development. Health Bucks, which are $2 coupons that are given to food stamp users when they spend $5 at the farmers market, can now be spent at ALL farmers markets across New York City (138 markets in total, including GrowNYC’s 54 Greenmarkets). To give you a sense as to why this is a big deal, “Health Bucks make the farmers market more affordable than the grocery store,” says one Greenmarket customer. This is fantastic because oftentimes food stamps are spent on processed foods at the grocery store, not fresh fruits and vegetables. Way to go New York City / GrowNYC.

Let them eat kale: In Harlem, a farm share for the people

Source: Grist

Corbin Hill Farm is attempting to make a CSA (community supported agriculture, where people purchase what’s called a farm share) accessible to low-income communities on a large-scale, and they’re on the right track. If they can get up to 1,200 shareholders (they’re at 750 right now), the program should be able to support itself. And the founder’s hoping to get up to as many 5,000 eventually. We’re rooting for them.

A Solution to Superbugs: On the Horizon?

Source: Take Part

The USDA is making progress on alternatives to overdosing farm animals with antibiotics. We sure hope they succeed.

Lessons from the Front Line: Building a Local Grain Economy

Source: Civil Eats

Local, heritage grains are much better for you (and a lot more flavorful) than industrial grains, and these folks are making progress on developing the infrastructure required to make local grains sustainable. It certainly helps that demand from consumers is growing.

Some Math Fun with Nutrition Facts Labels

Source: Fooducate / Richard Perlmutter, MS

So what accounts for all those carbs that aren’t listed as either fiber or sugar? Turns out it’s starch.

Free Trade Ruling Could Nix Country-Of-Origin Labels on Meat

Source: NPR’s The Salt

This would be a big bummer if it comes to fruition.

High-Protein Diet Is Linked to Heart Risks

Source: New York Times Well Blog

As we see time and time again, moderation is key. Too much of anything just isn’t good for you.

How Black Pepper Fights Fat

Source: Dr. Weil’s Daily Health Tips

Good to know. Don’t be afraid to add a little black pepper to your food for extra flavor.

What Does It Mean to Be Fat-Adapted?

Source: Mark’s Daily Apple

Somewhat lengthy but interesting read about how you can train your body to burn fat instead of sugar (through diet and exercise).

Your Cravings, Made Healthy: 5 Easy Food Swaps

Source: The Daily Muse

5 homemade solutions to classic food cravings.

10 high-protein breakfast ideas that don’t involve eggs

Source: Well + Good NYC

Here’s a helpful list. Eggs are great for you, but it’s good to mix it up from time to time.

How to Rock a Summer Workout Despite the Heat

Source: Greatist

Some helpful tips for working out in the hot summer sun.

Resveratrol could increase exercise endurance

Source: Well + Good NYC

Might not hurt to have a little red wine as well, just not right before you exercise…

5 Reasons Using Your Vacation Days Is Good for Your Health

Source: Huffpost Healthy Living

Use those vacation days and don’t feel guilty about it!

A Clear Reason to Eat Fruit

Source: Dr. Weil’s Daily Health Tips

Want to eat more fruit? All you have to do is get it into your field of vision. Make it tough to avoid in the fridge and around the kitchen, and you’ll end up eating more.

4 great green juice recipes from CoolerCleanse

Source: Well + Good NYC

These recipes look pretty solid if you’re up for trying to make green juice on your own.

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